Integrated approach to define market access strategy.

  • Disease impact
  • Optimal comparator (Standard of Care (SoC))
  • Clinical and payer value determinants
  • Relative value and price potential
  • Real-life data and long-term impact
  • Patient preferences and subgroups
  • Stakeholder perspectives

New chemical entity selection

Full report containing strategic recommendations: definition optimal Target Product Profile (TPP) with optimal differentiation potential for:
  1. Different TPP scenarios vs. Standard of Care (SoC) in one disease area.
  2. Differentiation potential of one TPP vs. SoC in different disease areas.
Consisting of:
  • Identification of attributes with potential for payer-relevant differentiation from SoC.
  • Insights on improved value and relative price position vs. comparators.
  • Country-specific recommendations upon assessment vs. appropriate comparator (based on different country Health Technology Assessments (HTA)).
  • Assessment of changes in future environment impact.
  • Assessment in patient subgroups (trade-off market size and price potential).

Clinical R&D optimization

Full report containing strategic recommendations: definition of optimal drug development strategy
  • Clinical perspective:
    1. Optimal comparator.
    2. Determining endpoints for differentiation.
    3. Level of superiority required for differentiation.
  • Regulatory perspective, e.g. administration mode, …
  • HTA perspective, e.g. dosing scheme, …
  • Pricing perspective, e.g. dosing impact on price per injection and total treatment cost, …
Innovative clinical trial design
  • Comparator selection to capture disease progression.
  • Incorporation long-term outcomes to analyze impact on disease progression and impact of adherence on progression.
  • Selection of patients prone to disease progression.