Science and communication

Value communication is crucial to acquire market access. ISMS translates intrinsic value in country and stakeholder specific materials and messages towards:

  • Patients: disease information brochures, patient compliance tools, prevention campaigns.
  • Payers: payer mapping & identification of needs, country-specific Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submission.
  • Health care professionals: scientific brochures and newsletters, detail aids, abstracts, scientific articles and white papers, meeting and congress support, slide kits.
  • Policy makers: reviews and white papers, value dossiers, ad boards.

Health care compliance (HCC)

ISMS translates HCC policies in tools to enable people to make the right decision, including:

  • Certification solutions: e.g. accreditation quizzes.
  • E-learnings including gamified modules, electronic Continuing Medical Education (eCMEs) with novel storyboarding, graphic design and voice over.
  • Training materials and employee guides.
  • Online training in Learning Management System (LMS) format.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and regulatory documents.

Models and analytics

Creation of comprehensible and graphical attractive models and dashboards that enable the customer to make instantaneous and informed quality decisions, including:

  • Patient forecasting models based on disease progression, patient flow and dynamic dosing assumptions.
  • Turnover forecasting models simulating e.g. the impact of (launch) time, price referencing or innovation on business results.
  • Long-term trend models assessing e.g. the evolution of health care and pharma spending on the long run to define shaping strategies.
  • Pricing models: e.g. price reference, price benchmark, price optimization, pricing and reimbursement landscape, databases, procurement reports.

Practical implementation

  • Ad interim support: ISMS provides experienced people to support projects ad hoc.
  • Slide kits support/presentations: Creation of slide kits with eye for content and design and stakeholder-specificity. For quick reformatting (lay-out) of existing slide decks we offer a standard request for proposal. This allows you to immediately formalize your briefing towards ISMS and know the project cost.